Here are The Lighting Shop top tips for choosing a chandelier.

Ceiling Height – whether you’re chosing a traditional or modern design the height of your ceiling is a major factor when choosing the design. Our eyes automatically lift towards the ceiling when we enter a room so, if you want to give the impression of extra height fit a chandelier that hangs closer to the ceiling. This is especially important in new builds where the ceilings are often quite low.

Size Matters ­– make sure the size of the chandelier is in proportion to the rest of the room, there’s nothing worse than seeing a small chandelier hanging in a big room, or vice versa.   The wrong size light can have a negative impact on the ambience of a room.

Creating drama and intimacy – a great way to give a room that wow factor and create warmth and intimacy is to hang a chandelier quite low over a big table. It can really make an impact when you walk into the room and it creates a sense of warmth and intimacy when people are gathered around the table.

Mix old and new – a traditional crystal chandelier can look fantastic in a very modern setting, for example in a state of the art kitchen, or a very modern light can look great when contrasted with traditional architecture and design.

It’s always best to get advice from experts when choosing lighting. It’s easy to make a mistake on size, height and style.

For a expert advice and a great selection of modern, traditional and contemporary chandeliers visit The Lighting Shop, with our showroom and an store we supply lights throughout the UK and beyond. It has a loyal following of retail customers and its knowledgeable team work with individual customers and also some of the Uk’s leading developers and interior designers advising customers on the right lighting at the right prices. They have a well deserved reputation for their expertise, extensive and stylish selection of lighting to suit all budgets and of course for exceptional customer service.