When choosing bathroom lights safety first is the prime consideration.  A lighting expert will able to tell you what lights you can and cannot use in your bathroom. Nowadays things have moved on and it’s not one size fits all when it comes to bathroom lights. Bathrooms are now divided into safety zones and the type of light you choose for each zone depends on the safety requirements.  Whatever you choose all fittings need to be IP rated depending on which zone they apply to. Take expert advice before buying bathroom lights. Come and talk to us at The Ligthing Shop.

After that it’s the old design adage of form follows function.  We need our bathroom lights to work hard for us, bright enough for the morning shave or make up application and then again subtle enough for a relaxing evening bath.  You can use task lighting in these areas that require bright likes or illuminated mirrors.

Flush ceiling lights give a focal point to the room, and then spotlights can be fitted over the bath and shower, single downlights over the shower area or bar and plate fittings over the bath.

LED spotlights in the floor can create a different ambience in the room,  providing soft lights to create a relaxing atmosphere or  used to illuminate shelving.